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Valley Force Private Security Services in Hemet, CA

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"Specializing in Para-Policing Protection"

Property Protection in Hemet, CA, from Private Security Officers

Experienced Corporate Security Solutions in Hemet, CA

We are Valley Forge Private Security, an American base private security company specializing in Para-Policing, surveillance and (Post-Up) Sentry Security. Our expertise is employing well-trained and highly-disciplined Uniformed Security Officers
for 'day' or 'night' city operations and event security. Our primary mission is providing property protection in securing, protecting, safeguarding exposed businesses, properties,
& people with V.F.P.S security
guard services. 


Valley Forge Private Security's goal is to provide the 'client' with adequate and sufficient property protection and loss prevention with our private security guards. V.F.P.S. main emphasis is following the 'clients' requests, demands, policies, and post orders. V.F.P.S. focuses on securing  & protecting: front door entrances, rear door entrances, side door entrances, walkways, hallways, doorways, corridors, private alleys, private sidewalks, door steps, broad walks, glass windows, stairways, stairs, & building exterior walls.


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Armed Security & Unarmed Security


Property Protection & Sentry Security

For first-rate private security from highly trained, background-checked officers, turn to Valley Forge Private Security. Our company offers property protection in Hemet, CA, for businesses and private residences. We hire only qualified U.S. military veterans, Homeland Security personnel, Firearms Training Academy graduates, and seasoned law enforcement officers. Safeguarding your person and property is our number one, round-the-clock goal. Whether you require our uniformed security officers for surveillance and post-up sentry duties at your home or for manning entryways at your place business, our team operates according to your directions and in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. 

Experience a higher caliber of personal safety and business loss prevention by turning to us for our comprehensive security services. You can rest assured that your safety is in expert hands when you leave the job to our capable professionals.

Professional Security Personnel You Can Depend On

As a private security company, we specialize in highly disciplined, protection-focused para-policing. From securing exposed points of entry to monitoring walkways and building exteriors, our efforts are carried out according to your requests and directives. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business and residence are protected by calling our company. Our security guards are available either armed or unarmed, based upon your requirements and needs. Whatever the job, we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and within the mandates of the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services protocols.

Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern

When it comes to your personal well-being and the security of your property, we don’t take any chances. Since the stakes are high, we respond by being always prepared for anything the situation may require. Our guiding principles are based upon honor, credibility, consistency, stability, safety, competency, honesty, and accountability. Let us show the difference that our high standards and firm commitment will make. Our team is your security solution for:

• Event Security
• Private Residences
• Corporate Buildings
• Financial Institutions
• Industrial/Commercial Sites
• Government Facilities
• Educational Buildings
• Hotels
• Parking Lots
• Gated Communities
• Warehouses
• Construction Sites
• Retail Stores


Contact us and let us know your private security needs. We proudly protect our clients in Hemet, California & the surrounding areas.

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